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How to access innate health

For many years I have worked as a therapist and counsellor using a ‘psychodynamic approach’. What this means is looking at childhood experiences and trying to understand how these experiences affect how we live our everyday lives as an adult.

As you can imagine, going over our childhood – starting at the beginning – can take many years of soul searching and delving into the past to get to the present.

Three years ago, I was introduced to something called innate health and the 3 principles, (Mind, Consciousness and Thought.) Basically, this looks at how our thinking affects our present day lives no matter what our past experiences were.

  • MIND is the energy of life, the fact that we are alive
  • THOUGHT is our ability to create forms or ideas from that energy
  • CONSCIOUSNESS is our ability to experience what we think is real

    I was rather sceptical about how simple and natural it all sounded, but it made so much sense that I started incorporating it into my own life and my counselling work.

    Let me share this beautiful simplicity with you

    We can temporarily lose sight of our innate (natural) health, but we never lose the ability to regain access to it and return to the present, to ‘in-the-moment’ thoughts guiding us through life.

    Innate health is like the sun. It is not always visible to us and sometimes after a lot of rain and bad weather (which we all know about!) we begin to think we might never see it again. But it is always there and we can count on it.

    We all crave wellbeing

    All human beings want to be well. We want to feel content and have a sense of purpose. We want to live with a sense of freedom. We want to love and be loved.

    Often, we seem to be a long way from this sense of wellbeing. Many of us seem trapped in physical or psychological conditions which are painful and distressing, from which there seems to be little hope of escape or release.

    When we are unconnected to our wellbeing, we are less patient, more anxious, less compassionate and more rigid and reactive.

    We can choose which thoughts to entertain
    It is a part of being human that we constantly think. However, we can choose which thoughts we give energy to – and which ones we simply ‘let go.’ This understanding of thought is one of the key elements of the innate health approach. Once we understand deeply that we alone create our experiences, regardless of the situation, and choose which thoughts we give energy to, then our whole understanding of what’s possible is exhaustive.

    We are born thinking. We think our way through life and we see life through our thoughts as we go and the quality of our thinking determines the quality of our lives. The innate health approach offers a way of understanding all this – of how we choose and create our own perceptions and experience.

    It shows us how we can learn to listen to our internal insights. We have the power to choose healthy experiences instead of being victimised by our circumstances. Ultimately, we can choose to be connected to our wellbeing.

    When we’re more connected to our wellbeing, we are more patient, more insightful, more aware of other people’s reality, more compassionate and more resilient.

    Once we learn to ‘listen’ for understanding, to listen internally, we can slow down and start to see and experience things in a new way

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